College-bound students and their families typically feel a sense of excitement, anticipation, and worry.  Parents, do you wonder how to help your child establish a solid foundation in high school? Students, do you worry about finding a college where you’ll be happy and productive… and can get in?

I can help.

I established my practice in 2001 to help high school students prepare for, select, and apply to colleges.  Families hire me for a variety of reasons:  to gain exposure to a wide range of schools; to have an expert on their team who can provide hands-on support and guidance; to reduce family stress with an objective, caring third-party.

I work with students from across the spectrum of academic, athletic and extracurricular achievement.  High powered kids, late bloomers, and plenty of good, “regular” kids benefit from working with me through this process.  I am a naturally optimistic and energetic person – my students find that my support can greatly reduce the stress during a time of enormous change and uncertainty.

"I just wanted to let you know that, two years in, Wesleyan is still treating me incredibly well. I've never stopped being thankful for your help throughout the college application process... I don't even think I would've known about Wesleyan if it weren't for you. It really is the perfect place for me..."

- Marika, Wesleyan University class of 2009


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